Ways to refresh your Shopfront

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Ways to refresh your Shopfront

In the battle to beat online retailers, Britain’s army of shopkeepers are using their storefronts as the first line of “attack”.

Attracting shoppers back to high street retail, both small independents and chains are being more creative in the way they get customers through the door.
Here are a few ideas for how you can grab attention of your next customer.

Sign of the times

Is it clear what you sell by a quick glance at your shop? Do you need to take a fresh look at your signage? Make sure your shop name and logo stand out clearly from a distance, to attract passing traffic. Think about signs or displays that give reasons to pop in as they walk by.

Think about quirky shopfront or window display signs you could use. Such as, hanging wording from a redundant bicycle frame or wheelbarrow, or along a recycled bookshelf used as an inexpensive display unit.

Spring clean your frontage

Keeping on top of general repairs and cleaning around your shopfront is time well spent; including shiny windows and a well swept pavement.
Never underestimate the importance of first impressions. Shoppers avoid outlets that have grimy or run-down frontages.

Some local authorities offer grants to shops to help them improve their storefront, also local organisations may support you – such as “In Bloom” teams who help create hanging baskets or tubs to go in front of your shop.

The small touches

Shopfront improvements could be as simple as varying window displays in an imaginative way and more often. It’s possible to seize not just seasonal opportunities, but also important dates locally and nationally for creative window displays.

This could include, having a product of the month you put under the spotlight in your shopfront, with props to draw attention to it. Alternatively, a mass of rainbows to support your local Pride event or support your local carnival event. Something as simple as changing your colour scheme regularly helps. If passers-by become over familiar with your shopfront, they stop noticing it.

If weather allows, have your shop door open. It looks more welcoming.
Use your entire window space, such as hanging items tastefully from a clothes line or suspended carefully from the top of the window.

Be a good neighbour

Corner shop owners and anyone who runs a town centre independent could also cash in on ties to their local community.

This could include a small and tasteful space in your shop window for local notices. Or put a dog water bowl and a container of dog treats near your door. Create a child friendly shop, by making it accessible for prams and providing a small treat for well-behaved children.

Be pedestrian aware

Some of the more creative solutions to attracting shoppers could involve setting up additional pavement furniture and accessories, such as special offer “A” boards.

Stay within local planning regulations, including any regarding temporary structures on pavements. Also check your public liability insurance is up to date, in case the worst happens, and someone gets injured.