Tips to help reduce illness in the workplace

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Tips to help reduce illness in the workplace

Despite your best efforts to avoid illness, it can be a challenge In a work place to stay well especially when employees are sniffling, sneezing and coughing.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help to prevent germs affecting your productivity and general well being of you staff.

Preventing getting sick ultimately starts even before you walk into your workplace with things like staying active and healthy which have been shown to be extremely effective against falling prey to the viruses and bacteria we are exposed to:

Although you can’t control health and well being outside of your workplace you can promote elements such as discounts to join local gyms, have a weekly fruit box deliveries or organise social events away from the normal food and drink culture.

When it comes to work you can take positive steps to at least reduce the spread of germs, such as the following

Wash Your Hands

Germs are present on virtually every surface you come in contact with at the workplace, including doors, faucets and water fountains.

Distribute sanitising gel dispensers within the work place areas and signs regarding cleaning hands properly and regularly.

Don’t Bite Your Nails

A common way to become infected with germs is to put your face directly in contact with viruses and bacteria. This is particularly important for “nail biters” under pressure, as the area under your nails is an ideal place for bacteria to thrive.

When you bite your nails, it can easily transfer bacteria into your mouth and ultimately the rest of your body, although you can’t stop people biting their nails in a work place just highlighting the potential issues it can cause may deter.

Get Some Fresh Air

When workplaces are not well ventilated, you breathe in air that is laden with virus- and bacteria-infected particles and become more susceptible to falling victim to illnesses.

Promoting your team to take a walk on their break both provides some fresh air but also is good for their mental health.

Keep Your Workstation Clean

Wipe down your workspace occasionally throughout the day with a disinfectant cloth. Also consider positioning an air purifier near your desk to help filter the air and decrease circulating germs.

As part of the clear desk policy cleaning down the computer should form part of this, purchasing sanitiser computer wipes will help keep the place bacteria free

Get Vaccinated

During cold and flu season, the influenza vaccine is one of the best preventive measures you can take to avoid getting sick especially in environments where your business is customer facing.

Although there is a small cost to some of these suggestions the benefit to business’s is far out weighed by a reduction in your staff’s sick days and or reduction in profitability because people are not working at their normal productivity levels.