Interior Designer shop insurance

Interior Designer shop insurance

Every business owner will appreciate that finding the time to arrange insurance can be tough, particularly when running an Interior Designer shop.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you by being here when you have time to consider your insurance needs. We are able to provide you with an expansive list of insurer options which can be tailored to your business needs.

We are committed to finding you the right insurance for your Interior Designer shop at the right price with great customer service.

Working as an interior designer exposes you an unusual set of risks, you have the standard shop requirements of protecting your shock from elements of risk such as Fire, theft and flood but you also have additional exposure around offering advice and ideas to clients, working with expensive and easily damaged materials and the potential of employing subcontractors to carry out work on your behalf. These are but a few reasons why you could benefit from our team.

It’s its vital that your ensure that you have the proper covered in place to protect you, your business and your customers.

Contents and stock insurance
Interior Designer insurance typically incorporates a number of covers designed to safeguard your business against the unexpected. Your assets should be a key consideration, to protect your contents, stock and premises from damage that could be caused by theft, fire, storm or flood. We can even arrange cover to protect your business equipment whilst you’re out and about away from your business premises.

Business interruption insurance
If you were to suffer damage to your premises you may find that you are unable to trade or trade at a lower capacity. Business insurance is designed to cover your gross profit and fixed expenses which can help to get your business back on your feet as soon as possible.

Public liability insurance
Protects you should your customers, suppliers and members of the public injure themselves whilst visiting your shop.

Employers Liability Insurance
Protects you if your staff injure themselves during the course of their employment. Compensation awarded as a result of liability claims can be high and the legal costs incurred as a result can also be costly. Having liability insurance in place safeguards your livelihood in case something happens.

More than just insurance
In the retail industry, non-compliance of the various laws and regulations can have some serious consequences. We make sure cover is in place should something go wrong but ultimately, we don't want to see anything go wrong in the first place.

Getting back up and running as soon as possible
We believe that our customers deserve more when it comes to support in the event of a claim. Although the actual claim will be handled by the insurance company, we believe that it is important for you to have the correct advice, therefore we have partnered with CEC to provide expert loss adjuster assistance. Once notified of your claim, we will contact CEC Claims and within 24 hours of notification to them, a professionally qualified Loss Adjuster will be personally assigned to your claim.

Your Loss Adjuster will then provide you with practical advice to help you in attending on site to meet with your Insurers or their representatives, compiling, presenting, negotiating the claim and verifying your loss. Managing risks associated with any business situation from which a potential claim to your insurers may arise. Gathering evidence to defend liability claims against you successfully. Taking measures to secure and make your premises safe. Mitigating your loss and salvaging any undamaged items. Minimising any disruption to you or your business/home.

Alternative product options offering enhanced levels of support hours are available as an upgrade option. Please don’t hesitate to ask for details: Platinum (Unlimited hours service with a mandatory post loss fee payable).

Please note that we are unable to provide this cover in relation to Motor vehicle claims