Property Owners & Buy to lets with Joan Hopkin Estate Agent

Property Owners & Buy to lets Insurance with Joan Hopkin Estate Agents

If you own a single or portfolio of property owner or Buy to lets, MOBI has the insurance solution for all your insurance needs

We work closely with our insurer partners and Joan Hopkin Estate agents to provide the correct residential property insurance to make sure that you get a great deal and the correct cover in place for your insurance needs.

We will help you find the right protection which may include:
• Buildings cover - could pay for repairs in the event of a fire, sudden flooding or vandalism for example.
• Landlord's contents insurance - if you supply furniture or appliances in your buy-to-let property, this will help provide protection against theft or damage.
• Public liability insurance for landlords - also called Property Owner's Liability or Landlord's Liability Insurance which will help step in should a claim be made against you by a tenant or one of their guests or customers for an accident that occurred on your property.
• Loss of rent - an unexpected event could require your tenants to move out of your property and your rental income to cease for a period of time through an insured risk. Loss of rent insurance policy or business interruption insurance will step in to cover your financial loss until you re-tenant the premise.
• Rent Guarantee Insurance - this is different from a loss of rent insurance policy and covers your income should your tenants default on their rent payments.
• Employers' Liability Insurance - if you employ anyone like a gardener, cleaner or an individual to undertake maintenance of your properties, you will require employers' liability insurance as this is a legal requirement and could lead to heavy fines if you are found not to have it.
Directors & Officers Insurance - if an actual or alleged error is made by a director of the property company, a Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance policy can provide defence costs and indemnity cover to them where they would otherwise be personally liable.

More than just insurance
In the property owner’s industry, non-compliance of the various laws and regulations can have some serious consequences. We make sure cover is in place should something go wrong, but ultimately, we don't want to see anything go wrong in the first place.

Getting back up and running as soon as possible
We believe that our customers deserve more when it comes to support in the event of a claim. Although the actual claim will be handled by the insurance company, we believe that it is important for you to have the correct advice, therefore we have partnered with CEC to provide expert loss adjuster assistance. Once notified of your claim, we will contact CEC Claims and within 24 hours of notification to them, a professionally qualified Loss Adjuster will be personally assigned to your claim.

Your Loss Adjuster will then provide you with practical advice to help you in attending on site to meet with your Insurers or their representatives, compiling, presenting, negotiating the claim and verifying your loss. Managing risks associated with any business situation from which a potential claim to your insurers may arise. Gathering evidence to defend liability claims against you successfully. Taking measures to secure and make your premises safe. Mitigating your loss and salvaging any undamaged items. Minimising any disruption to you or your business/home.

Alternative product options offering enhanced levels of support hours are available as an upgrade option. Please don’t hesitate to ask for details: Platinum (Unlimited hours service with a mandatory post loss fee payable).

Please note that we are unable to provide this cover in relation to Motor vehicle claims