Common work place accidents, Day 9 – Vehicle Crashes and Collisions


Common Workplace Accidents Day 9. Vehicle Crashes and Collisions

These type of workplace accidents may involve cars, lorries or even other vehicles such as forklift trucks.

These accidents include:

• being struck by a moving vehicle,
• being struck by falling objects from a vehicle,
• falling from a vehicle or getting stuck or crushed by overturned vehicles.

There are two distinct kinds of vehicle-related accidents.

On the Road – Workers can be injured due to a vehicle-related accident while working on the roads or in traffic zones.
In the Workplace – Operators of vehicles and equipment can be injured or cause injury to fellow employees.

Avoiding Repetitive Strain Injuries at Work

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all safety variables in relation to vehicles in the workplace are checked and maintained regularly.

Employees should be made aware of the correct procedures in using and working around vehicles in the workplace. Any employee using a vehicle in the workplace must be adequately trained and licensed to ensure workplace safety is maintained.