Common work place accidents, Day 7 – Burn Injuries


Common Workplace Accidents Day 7. Burn Injuries

Burn injuries in the workplace can be caused by fire and explosions due to faulty wiring, for example, but also from contact with corrosive materials, electrical burns and chemical burns. Common causes of burn injuries in the workplace are:

• Electrical burns from contact with electrical currents caused by defective tools or faulty electrical equipment
• Contact with overheated machinery or tools
• Chemical burns from contact with corrosive materials, acids or oils
• Contact with direct heat sources such as welding.
• Fire burns from a fire started within the building or by faulty wiring.

Avoiding Burn Injuries at work

To prevent fires and explosions from occurring in the workplace employers should:
• Provide protective clothing to those working with flammable or corrosive chemicals
• Provide training to employees that work with dangerous chemical or combustible materials
• Ensure adequate warning signs on containers
• First aid box in proximity to these dangerous work practices
• Make sure all fire-starting hazards are eliminated in the workplace environment. Where they have failed to do so, they may be held liable for the injuries.
• Ensure correct safety and fire drill procedures are thought to all employees in case of an event of a fire or explosion in the workplace occurring.
• Every workplace should have a clearly communicated evacuation plan and an effective alert system in place to inform every one of what to do in hazardous and emergency situations.