Common work place accidents, Day 5 – Falling from a Height


Common Workplace Accidents Day 5. Falling from a Height

Falling from a height, while more common in a construction or manual work environment, as also common other environments such as office, retails etc. Falling from a height usually means that a person was either

• working on a ladder,
• a roof,
• using a step ladder to reach a high place,
• working on a fragile surface,
• falling from a high vehicle.

Common examples of causes of falls from heights in work are:

• Falling from scaffolding on a building site
• Using a step ladder when it is not appropriate to do so
• Overreaching and losing balance when on a ladder
• Not ensuring the ladder is properly footed
Avoiding falls from heights at work *
To avoid injury at work and falling from a height the following may be followed:
• Do as much work from the ground – if you think it is too high to reach, it usually is!
• Employers should ensure that employees can easily and safely reach high items
• Employers must ensure that the equipment used for the job is strong and well maintained
• Do not overreach, this is how you lose your balance
• Do not stand on the top step of a step ladder, it is the place where you are most likely to lose your balance
• If working outside, take note of the weather and if it is suitable for you to work outside at a height.