Common work place accidents, Day 3 – Being Hit by Falling Objects


Common Workplace Accidents Day 3, Being Hit by Falling Objects

In all environments, whether it be a warehouse, construction zone or in an office, injury from falling objects can happen. Falling objects can cause injuries such as cuts and head and brain injuries in severe cases. Common causes of falling object injuries are:

• Files, books, stationery and other office tools and equipment falling from a shelf
• Wall and ceiling fixtures become detached and falling
• Tools and other construction materials and debris falling from a height on a building site
• Unsecured loads lifted to a height and falling
• Collapsing shelves that haven’t been properly maintained

Avoiding Falling Object Injuries at Work
In cases where there are no systems of policies in place for storage of certain items and one falls and injures an employee, the employer may be held liable for the injuries. There are several ways that an employer can avoid these injuries at work :

• Equipment should be stored at appropriate heights so that if it moves it won’t fall on an employee
• In construction zones, using closed boarded platforms or kick boards to prevent objects from falling off the edge of scaffolding, for example
• Make employees aware of danger zones and how to store items properly to prevent future injuries