Common work place accidents, Day 10 – Dangerous Machinery Accidents


Common Workplace Accidents Day 10. Dangerous Machinery Accidents

Most factories, warehouses and industrial environments use dangerous machinery daily.

Common causes of accidents involving dangerous machinery are:

• Eye injuries caused by dislodged parts or debris from machinery
• Machine entanglement and crush injuries
• Cuts and lacerations from coming in contact with sharp tools or parts of machinery
• Lack of training of employees
• Faulty or inadequate personal protective equipment
• Faulty machinery or poorly maintained machinery

Avoiding Dangerous Machinery Accidents at Work

Prevention of machinery accidents at work should be one of the top priorities of employers whose employees use dangerous machinery daily. The HSA recommends that employers should:

• Fit suitable guards to machinery and equipment
• Provide adequate support for machinery that is elevated off the ground
• Ensure tools and well maintained
• Ensure all moving parts are stopped before attempting to move any dangerous machinery
• Machines designed for one person never take additional passengers
• Ensure adequate personal protective equipment for all employees using the equipment.
• Provide training to all employees who are intended to use the equipment