Benefit of choosing fleet insurance

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January 10, 2020

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Benefit of choosing fleet insurance

Motor fleet insurance policy is a good option for companies having four or more commercial vehicles.

However, the other option (individual insurance policy) is suitable for businesses with one or two vehicles. If your business has more than three vehicles, consider choosing motor fleet insurance and here are some of the benefits;

Benefits over individual vehicle insurance policy
There are many benefits of fleet insurance policy over individual vehicle insurance. This policy simply ensures that each and every vehicle of the business is outlined in a single policy.

Avoids the hassles of handling different insurance policies and checking individual policy wordings: Fleet insurance not only provides the benefit of covering all vehicles under a single policy, but also helps you stay away from the issues that arise while handling various insurance policies. You need not worry about the renewals of each and every individual policy of different vehicles.

It is easy to handle fleet insurance – all vehicles will have single renewal date; single set of options and conditions; same process to claim, etc.
Provides coverage for the insurer/driver: Many fleet insurance policies also cover the insurer/driver, which is a must have in todays environment. Also there are cost implications to fleet vehicles with younger drivers. So, the premium rates may depend on the scope of the driving restrictions requested. Having the flexibility allows you to spend more of your time running your business and less time worrying about the insurance cover.

Saves time and money: Motor fleet insurance provides major benefits in terms of money and time. Since many vehicles are covered in a single policy, the premium will certainly be less than the sum of individual insurance policy premiums. Since all vehicles are covered under one policy, you can save a lot of time on tracking and maintaining various policies.

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